The “Naked in Public” Nightmare

       Yeah, I pretty much feel like I’m naked in public by writing this blog. I have a couple of  friends who have blogs and both of them are exteremely talented and amusing. They both DESERVE to have a blog. Who wouldn’t want to read their stuff?  I, on the other hand, have a hard time coming up with a basic Face Book post.

     So, why am I writing this?

      By day, I am a full-time pre-school teacher of two-year-olds. While this can be a fulfilling job, it’s hard work and the pay isn’t exactly something you can live off of. I love my bosses and it’s a great environment, but it’s also a treadmill as far as finances go and it’s a job not a career.

      Enter Mary Kay.   I became a consultant about year and a half ago and the more I do it, the more I love it. THIS is the career I want and so I’ve come up with a way that I hope will help me reach my goal. That’s my challenge. What’s the way, you ask?   So glad you asked.

     Back in June, Mary Kay launched an amazing new mascara. To promote it, they are offering a limited edition bundle set of  the new mascara, the eye-makeup remover and an eye-lash curler with three replacement pads for $30.  One of our directors sent out an idea to help us further our business by suggesting we offer a challenge to ten of our best customers. The challenge was for each of the ten to find ten other women to buy the bundle for the sale price of $25. If they met that challenge, they, in turn, would recieve $100 free product of their choice. We would recieve the names and numbers of the buyers who would then be contacted to follow up on how they liked the product and then offered the free facial as a thank you. Voila! 100 new contacts.

     I offered this challenge and when I had 4 takers, I thought “Why not sweeten the deal and give them more incentive to find 10 buyers?”  So I offered a prize drawing on top of the free product to each challenge taker who sold 10 bundles. Then I thought “What if I have a party to celebrate their hard work and they can invite the buyers for their pampering session there?” Thus creating The End of the Challenge Celebration. Further, I thought, “What if I did this once a month with a different bundle for each challenge with an awesome prize drawing?” That would mean the potential for 100 new customers a month.

     Now comes the hard part; finding my challenge-takers. My challenge is to find 10 people a month willing to try and find 10 buyers of that month’s bundle. In June I had 6 takers. No one sold any. In July I offered the Satin Hands set as the bundle. I had 9 takers. I only had 4 items sold. But, both of those numbers are an increase from the previous month. This month I only have 3 takers so far. I’m trying to get 10 before the 15th of this month so they have time to find their 10 buyers. In their packets, I’ve included selling tips, product info, inspiration and 10 invitations to the Challenge Celebration. This month’s bundle is Satin Lips and a lip gloss in either Starry(clear shimmer) or Gold Rush as those are pretty universal.

       I’m hoping this blog will be motivation for me to work my hardest, be an inspiration to others and maybe an exchange of ideas, if you have any, on what will make this work. This challenge will be open to ANYone  who wants to take it. Who couldn’t use $100 extra dollars worth of quality, name brand product to use for themselves or give as gifts? Imagine, $100 worth of Christmas gifts YOU didn’t have to pay for. I even have people in other states taking this challenge since the products can be ordered from my website for the same price since shipping is free. All a buyer has to do is reference the challenge and month plus their contacts’ name so I know what to charge and whom to give credit for the sale. Easy as pie.

      So there it is. Out in public. Everyone will know if  I don’t make it. Naked in public.  However, everyone will ALSO know if I DO meet this challenge.

      Wish me luck, folks!



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