Don’t Let Me Get Me

     Pink is awesome. I often sing that song to myself when I feel especially in need of a kick in the behind. Here it is, October 19th, and I don’t have a single Challenge taker yet.

     ” It seems that I been busy doin’ somethin’ close to nuthin’, but different from the day before.” ~ Prince. 

     Well, that’s not really fair. I have been doing things. I have a truly cool event coming up and I’ve had several ladies say they would probably attend. I went to a store in the mall and set up to have a booth. I also have a booth in an upcoming craft fair. I have a Coffee Shop scheduled for November as well. And I saw that several of my business cards were gone from my Coffee Shop flier. No calls from those yet, but I hope to hear from some of them soon.

     Things have been crazy at my full-time job and I’m usually wanting nothing more than my slippers and to curl up in bed at the end of the day. Unfortunately, I have too often indulged in this. Instead of making calls, either follow-up or appointment making, I’m checking out the latest episode of Paranormal Witness or Dexter. Also, my son has gotten me hooked on the Game of Thrones book series. I’m a sucker for reading. I read everything. Books, magazines, the back of shampoo bottles, the insert in a box of tampons. Yeah, I typed that.

     To me, Fall is about coziness. Warm robes, hot cocoa, smells of cinnamon and coffee, crisp breezes, decaying leaves, soft slippers and hours of reading on the porch. It is not cozy to make phone calls that make your palms sweat while you wait for someone to answer. I hate making phone calls. I really hate leaving messages. I leave the worst messages! I do ok while identifying myself, but then something goes awry and there’s long uncomfortable pauses while I come up with a way to sound clever or at least make my point. The pauses pretty much do away with any hope of that. Or I can’t keep it short and sweet and I end up sounding like a drunken rambler a la Margot Kidder in the “Can You Read My Mind?” monologue from the first Superman movie. Dreadful!

     What all this procrastinating is doing is feeding my deep well of doubt regarding my ability to do this job with any amount of success. As mentioned, I haven’t had any Challenge takers,  I had an unexpected and disastrous banking issue which caused me to lose about $150 of desperately needed funds, a product returned (unused, not dis-satisfied with) and I’ve lost one personal team member and the other is closing fast on her inactive termination date. Let’s not even mention the wretched, horrible, family related drama that makes the idea of alcoholism faintly appealing.

     October is generally my favorite month but this time I’ve had a  particularly bumpy road to follow. Rack up a few new scars on the knees and I think I might’ve scraped my nose a good one too. But……so what? I’m not dead am I? I expected to lose team members; I’ve said so from the beginning. And that banking thing?  Well, let’s just say I may be moving to a credit union in the near future, but I was able to take care of it, albeit minus the $150. The product return? Well, that’s why we have a guarantee which I am always happy to honor.

      I am thinking, however, that I might discontinue this challenge program. I’ve offered something new to a few ladies and this seems to be generating more interest. It’s the “$100 Shopping Spree with Me” offer. What this requires is a shopper who will invite 5 ladies over the age of 21, who either have never tried Mary Kay or have no current representative, to meet with me and play Mary Kay. There is no minimum to sell,  just the guests as I’ve said. If this requirement is met, the shopper gets a $100 shopping spree of Mary Kay products. I’m going to offer 10 of these a month.

     If I get this done, I will have seen 50 new faces in one month. That gets me my Power Start. Chances are, there’ll be at least 5 of those who will want to hear about the opportunity. Power Start Plus! And most of the time, if someone tries our products, they’ll want to purchase them. Our products are completely awesome and it’s another great way to help those who otherwise couldn’t afford what they want or need.

     My challenge was to keep this program going for a year and if I drop it, I’ll have missed the mark. But if it’s not working, is it wise to go on? I still believe the theory is sound but I’ve not been able to motivate anyone to complete the Bundle Challenge. In fact, I haven’t had anyone sell anything for a few months. Yet, I hate the thought of giving it up. I think it’s a great idea. And, unlike, the $100 Shopping Spree with Me, I at least am gauranteed not to use my personal funds to honor my part of the challenge.

      Thoughts, anyone?


2 thoughts on “Don’t Let Me Get Me

  1. Crap! I wrote a looong reply but apparently I didn’t fill out all the required crap and lost all I wrote. Now let me see if I can remember what I wrote.
    As you know that bad message gene is a family trait. What you should do is assume you’ll get a message every time and have planned out what your going to say when that happens.

    Wish you could come out and enjoy my front porch (or back) with a nice warm cup of coffee, blanket (cause today it’s freezing) and warm sisterly chat. : D
    Sounds to me like you’ve been really busy despite the challenges thrown your way, though I must say sometimes you need down time so stop busting your chops!

    Do you really need to get rid of your Challenge? Couldn’t you offer both and give your customers a choice? Is it possible to slow down on your Challenge and promote your Shopping spree a bit more? Is there a rule that says you can’t do both? If you feel it’ll work, maybe put it on the back burner for awhile and bring it back at another time. Keep it in your arsenal (I had another word, but the spellchecker I use was posted as an attack site, so I had to rethink my wording).
    Now, go kick those challenges in the a@@!
    Happy Birthday! Love you!

  2. Lol! Spellchecker thought you were in attack mode, eh? Well, what a censor!

    I’m only considering getting rid of my original Challenge. At least for right now. But I can’t imagine anyone wanting to take the first challenge when the new one is so much easier. But, to be honest, I’m not sure this one will work either.

    I believe my biggest problem will be getting women to commit to a date and then invite their guests. Or perhaps I just need to step out and offer this to strangers. Yeah, I know, I’m SUPPOSED to talk to strangers, but it’s hard to be so trusting in people you don’t know. Especially since I’m not sure if I’ll sell anything. And I WILL honor my obligations.

    And, yes, I SHOULD have a script, I just keep forgetting to write one down. I should at least write down the reason I’m calling because, in those long uncomfortable pauses, I often forget my original intention for calling that person. Or even WHO I’ve called. …Pathetic. But I WANT it to work because Leadership Conference is in Atlanta this year and I’d love to couple that with a visit to you. And then we really could enjoy coffee on the porch with a blankie!

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